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Our toppers

Kamble Janhavi Vilas
89.20% SSC 2015

Shelar Hrishikesh Shantaram
88.80% SSC 2015

Silverdale High School, 4378 ft. above sea level, is nestled below Table Land and above Krishna River .... And many miles above standards set by other schools.

Panchgani, a hill station with an identity of its own; a bracing climate coupled with the invigorating air, surely you will agree to there being no combination more ideal to the pursuit of knowledge. Here, in a quiet dale verdant with tall and majestic Silver Oaks, nestles SILVERDALE HIGH SCHOOL. Here, in the very lap of nature, a small but select group of students are lovingly groomed to take on the challenges of tomorrow.

Give Your Child Silverdale Edge

About Panchgani

Our Philosophy, Our Driving Force:

To provide an education that results in an organized, disciplined & successful life.

To provide an opportunity to enhance the necessary skills of analytical thinking and decision-making.

To create an atmosphere that fosters healthy relationships based on respect for others.

To encourage spiritual development by laying emphasis on morals and ethics.

If you share our views, give your child the Silverdale Advantage!

Silverdale high school
Silverdale high school

The Silverdale advantage:

You will get teachers who are passionate about teaching

We hire well-qualified teachers who are specialists in their chosen subject. You will find they are passionate about educating young people and they love to teach. Unlike other institutions where teaching is limited to school hours, our teachers guide, facilitate and constantly interact with the students. This is possible because students reside in the school premises.

You will love the sports facilities

We have excellent sports facilities and wide range of sports on offer. Your child will get the opportunity to try sports they have never played before and you don’t have to be sports-gifted to enjoy them. And the total number of students being limited to a few there is an opportunity to get involved in most of them.

Silverdale high school

You will find great arts facilities

Theatre, drama, dance, music, fine arts will all be on the bill at boarding school. If your child is musical or artistic, they will relish the boarding school environment where their talent will be nurtured and developed.

Your child will get to live away from home

Leaving home is never easy, but living at boarding school is an opportunity not to be missed. Your child will grow-up faster and learn to better cope in a community where their peers are going though the same experiences. It's always worth remembering that they will be supported by caring teachers and his parents are only a phone call or an email away.

Your child will learn to be self responsible

Students at boarding school tend to mature quickly and rubbing along with other students is a vital skill they will learn. Along the way they will pick up many social skills which will stand them in good stead for the rest of their life.

They will also make lots of lasting friendships and they will build an extensive contact network which will be valuable in adulthood.

Classes will be small

In city schools class sizes can be up to 40-50. Not at our school. We have typically 10-20 students per class. That means you get more personal attention from teachers and you will be encouraged to participate.